Hamped hosting

Hi guys any one have a server with amped hosting?And if so are happy with the servide?

pssst! over here!

isnt that one of those companies that is not authorized as a GSP by facepunch? buyer beware!

Yeah, Okaayyyyy

Are you an employee/representative of Amped hosting? That Yeah, Okayyyyyyy reply doesn’t really help your case.

Okay indeed! Amped hosting is not an officially approved and authorized by facepunch provider. If Facepunch doesn’t trust your service, why should anyone else?

Excellent point Hippo.

And who told you this was the case?

Also, why are all the same people talking about the same thing on two different threads? All of us should know better. Let’s keep it to one thread, guys.

Doesn’t matter, as long as we still rake in money.

Thank you for this comment, it’ll serve as an excellent reference point to anyone asking about your services and hopefully as evidence in any lawsuits you may face.

Have a good day. :slight_smile:

Well shit now I kind of wish I hadn’t defended your cause.

Realy???bahh do you think is nice to take the money from people that way?

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natekit is owner of amped hosting??

Yes he is. He is the one that gave me one of those 3 “permanent” servers for Rust. Said it would be a 200 slot ended up being a 50 slot. Then it lagged to all hell and people wouldn’t play on it, and now he took my server away from me.