Hand model

W.i.p hand model I’m working on :slight_smile: tell me what you think. I’m busy with uni at the moment, so might not be too active. However my plan is to make some arms to go with them ha. UV, Rig/skin them then probably get back into animating in source, because I haven’t done it in ages!

Here’s a mix of: Low poly, Low poly wire, High poly, High poly wire. (hopefully you have good angles, to give some constructive criticism, bare in mind i have big hands haha) If need be you can see the references images too.





needs a few fixes…

cheers guys :slight_smile:

Looks really good, A tiny bit off but it’s obviously a WIP.
I can’t quite put my finger on what is bugging me, maybe it’s just the lack of texture I don’t know :smiley:

Keep at it.

Just realized my pun :downs:

Looks very good for a WIP.

Also it would be easier to rig if it had straight fingers.

Looks real good, but straightening’s probably best thing on the cards for it atm.

Nice, the finger tips look a tiny bit fat though.

I think the fingers are a tiny bit thin and spread apart from eachother.

I really like it, but the bones on the back of the hand are a bit too prominent and the fingers are a tad thin.

I’ve made a few minor tweaks… if you can see, just got a better feel I think, When I smooth it I will change the thickness of the fingers, but I want a low and high poly model. Do you think the low poly hands fingers are thick enough?


The fingers need tweaking also, just noticed so il get on that now.

Right started to uvmap now, I’d say I’m about 70% done, I will post a picture very soon!


got a tiny bit of stretching, but working on it, didn’t spend as long as I wanted on it :frowning: only like 2 hours total :frowning: bare in mind I had no idea how to uvmap in maya. All new learning, so might be a tad slow… I’l catch up soon :slight_smile:



Will give it a nice normal map, and Occlusion map also get down to sorting the uv seams on the texture so they blend better :slight_smile:

Wow, well textured.
The nails seem to smooth into the rest of the fingers though.

Looks good, you have certainly made a lot of progress since last time you posted here.

A piece of advice would be to import it into a sculpting program like Zbrush or Autodesk’s Mudbox, and bake some more convincing normals.

ok will do thanks kevlar :slight_smile: Yeh I’l work on the nails and the texture, when I get chance.

Cool, you gonna make them as HL2 hands replacement? Or CSS?

If its for garrysmod i would dl it! :smiley:
But make the sleeves longer, theyre pretty short, amo.
Btw, good textures

When there done I think I will just put them up for downloading for custom animations. Gonna put a really good rig in there first though. I think when I get around to animating a weapon model I will just use them for gmod pretty much… (gotta make a weapon model first) might use the walther I made last year, or the ppsh 41 model.

that WIP is exellent

Good luck on the model, when your done with it; can you make a version with a cut off thumb like the L4D one? That would be great, the fact that the hand is only an effect.