Hand to Hand Brawl





This will be the last Squad Selection image i’ll be doing.

Love it, only things I have to complain about is that the melee image isn’t very intense looking with their movement and you gave STG man stripper clip pouches

Great work.

I don’t really like the modern ammo boxes in the bonus pic. And the MKb 42 dude is having a different ammo poches.

The first pic is p good tho.

Nice to look at I guess. But any sense of urgency for supposedly a “brawl” is completely non-existent. Everything looks deliberate and stiff in that regard. Not dynamic at all for something so primal and brutal such as melee combat. Take the German on the far right for example, he’s stomping like he was strolling along and wanted to squash a bug rather than being intent on pounding a man’s face into the mud out of self defense.

I’m sure the focus was less on the pose and more of the look of it though. The squad select screens look good in that case then.

HungryHippo is my hero.

I wanted to use the german ammo crates from RO2 but i was missing texture for them and i was too lazy to go through the files and fix them. As for the German support having a different ammo pouch, i couldn’t do anything for that. The only option for his left waist were those standard ammo pouch, STG-44 and MP40 pouches.

yeah posing these guys were difficult. I wanted to do something different, you know, something different than my usual boring poses. Looking back at this now, they do look stiff and i wish i could go back and fix them. I’ll try to carefully capture these brawl/fighting poses in my future scenes and uses images as reference. Thanks for the heads up.

To bad you’re aren’t doing any more squad selection poses, would’ve loved to have seen a British themed one, considering you did Russia, US, and Germany. Great work regardless, I have a feeling we’ll see more WW1 stuff over the coming days now that BF1 is out.

If you want, feel free to make them yourself. It would be lovely to see what you guys can come up with and i’ll be more than happy to see them. and it doesn’t have to be WW1/WW2 theme, make some crossover with some other game. Before making this thread, i was doing a crossover with MGSv online and the squad poses but i couldn’t find any unique MGO models so i had to scrap it.

Uhh so you could do something, you could have given him the correct pouches, that you just pointed out was an option in that second sentence.

oops, i misread it. I thought he meant the guy with the MG42. In that case, i just didn’t feel like adding it. This may sound dumb but the STG pouches were too bright and it’s just didn’t look good with the lighting that i had so i kept it as it is.
Please don’t get mad.

out of the question as of now. I don’t have photoshop and I have no idea how you made the BF1 squad selection menu HUD.

I manually made the HUD myself. It’s takes a lot of time but it’s not too hard. You’ll need photoshop to create the HUD. I think Photoshop CS2 is legally free to download so you can use that. And just to save you time, the font i used for the menu is "Microsoft Yi Baiti." It’s not exactly the same in BF1 but it’s close enough.

thanks for the heads up.