I’m looking for handcuffs that can be movable like ragdolls with phong or some shine on it, been looking for one for a long time.

I don’t know of any that would be in a ragdoll form, but in Kathar’s pack there’s a few different ones that are solid props, opened and closed in various forms.

Not ragdolled, but here are the cuffs The Gobo was talking about.

Aye, Sorry I forgot He’s got his own site.

I’m willing to have handcuffs that have the ragdoll physics or something, and in pink :slight_smile:


Much as I hate pink… that actually sounds kind of interesting for some deranged reason.

good luck getting someone to do this, been trying to get people to make models that fit into this catagory of…sexyness.

If you’re saying that handcuffs fit into the category of sexiness, you may want to seek psychiatric help.
Most people don’t like to mix sex with handcuffs.

Come again?


I’m having “Snatch” flashbacks…

Fluffy? too soft lol, not my style, just shiny pink, SO who wants to make one? the one thats movable… not just solid like kathar’s