Handheld Portal Device

I’ve tried a lot of the portal guns on garrysmod.org, but the one that has the most non-glitchy portals is http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=22850 . But, the only issue is is that in my game the actual portals don’t show up, it’s just the coloring behind them. Otherwise, it’s great.

Is there a better portal gun? I’ve tried the Aperture science one, but the portals are glitchy and the gun is pink, but the portals can looked through. I’ve also tried the one that’s an SVN here, but that’s even worse.


Theres no fully working portal gun, there was, but they broke over the 2007 engine update

It’d be nice if someone could sort of combine the effects from BlackOps’s portal gun with the code from Mahalis’s portal gun. =)