Handle with Care // EP1: Professional

After making Vacuous, I decided I wanted to make more simple to film Machinima with a similar tone (if not a little lighter), so heres Handle with Care, following the story of Cliff and Ryan- two unfortunate guys who get their lives turned upside down when they’re suddenly turned into boxes. Cliff has accepted his fate a long time ago, however Ryan is still struggling to come to terms with this whole ordeal.

Joe Price (Yamibito): Editor, writer and the voice of Cliff (The yellow one).
Arno De Keukelaere (Blood-Fury): Director and voice of Ryan (The green/blue one).
Matthew “Mojo” Birkett (Mojo): Narrator and voice of Radio Man.
Cian Burke (Seshoho Cian): Creative Consultant (lol).

Helios - Your Zenith
Nils Frahm - For
Helios - Vargtimme
Eluvium - Area 41
Tim Hecker - Currents of Electrostasy
Big Baby Gandhi - Blue Magic (Featuring Das Racist)
Cliff Martinez - I Drive
Kindness - House

Nice editing and music, but the script could use some work they kinda seem dull and uni fused

Noted, will work on making the dialogue and characters a bit more lively in the next episode- thanks!

That was awesome, at first I thought the characters were a bit boring but they grew on me quickly.