Handle with Care

Making this thread so I can keeps all the episodes together and just update this thread when I’ve finished the final episode (episode 3).

*Handle with Care is the new dark comedy series behind the two people who brought you Vacuous, following the story of Cliff and Ryan- two unfortunate guys who get their lives turned upside down when they’re suddenly turned into boxes. Cliff has accepted his fate a long time ago, however Ryan is still struggling to come to terms with this whole ordeal. *



They Are Boxes

Ha, I can see the similarities but it wasn’t what I was trying to do- honest. Fun fact; the original version of the script had a narrator, I asked Appox if he was interested in being the narrator, his response was “if it’s good” so then I got super nervous and deleted the narrator from the script.

pretty amusing over all, i can see the effort put into it

nice job

Thankyou, it took me and Blood-Fury all day to film the boxes doing really simple movements- but to be fair we probably could’ve done it much easier than we did in the end.