Handmade shells on waterpipe are bugged.

They simply oneshot when headshot, doesnt matter what gear u wear, while headshot from other weapons do max 30 40 dmg

From what distance? There’s alot of pellets in the homemade shell and if you’re only like 3 meters away then thats at least 6 pellets shooting at your brain at high velocities.

10-15 meters away with waterpipe and handmade shells, 1shot straigth with metal facemask, while with bolt right on 2 meters away is 30 40 dmg

im pretty sure it was buckshot

Think you mean Slug, the one with a giant ass bullet

prolly outdated, but this might give some info:

hmm according to that spreadsheet that shouldnt be happening:

I still need to update the spreadsheet for the last few months worth of updates, but its worth noting that the 15 damage on there is per pellet, I’m not sure the exact number of pellets they fire.

OP is probably mistaken…Handmade shells don’t just one shot people from any distance, but they are still very powerful and not to be underestimated. It’s pretty common for people to carry 2-3 around on their hotbar to switch and shoot, and using that tactic and with a little bit of luck you can destroy someone from a decent distance.

Ah, so thats your work… much appreciated :slight_smile:

nah buckshots still are able to 1 shot kill on +15m but yeah with slugs youre able to do mid range 1 shots