Hands from player model

Now before you go say this isn’t possible, I have a explanation on how this could be done.

If you made css, hl2 and other hand skins transparent, then drew player model arms on the view model (not really sure if this is possible, but it might work.)

Sorry for the bad spelling and everything. But you get the idea. (possibly).

It would look very strange to see the world model animations on the viewmodel

It sure would, didn’t think of that. would it be possible to use a world model in a view model?

… when i said draw player model arms i meant not the actual arms from the world model, but separate ones.

Then we’d have to animate and model new arms for each and every model, and custom models, which is pretty much impossible, unless someone is really bored with their life and will continue this project, even if they do, I don’t think they can change the handrig with lua because viewmodels already contain a hand rig, I don’t see how lua could edit the viewmodels handrig and just detect it and automatically override each viewmodel with the wanted hands model, it would look really weird and I don’t know if it’s even possible.

(Sorry if it looks like I’m talking like shit, I know what I’m talking about but I explain it in a looong and fucked way.)

:AddEffects(EF_BONEMERGE)? Come on guys, everything isn’t impossible:rolleyes:

Don’t you still need to model each and every hand? He said he wanted seperate hands not from player model.

We shall do what Valve did then. Remove the hands and make them a different model then have it so the Lua file got the player model path and then merged the appropriate hands model. Not sure how we could do that though but I guess what ralle posted would do that

Remove the hands and make them a different model, exactly, that would require lots of modelling and re-modelling, if you get the model path, then merged the appropriate hands model, you’d need a new set of hands models, which you’d have to model, I don’t think this can work, because you’d have to model each arms set for each and every playermodel, and custom playermodels.

The view model and and player model have the same bone names (only most player models don’t have all the fingers) So all you need to do is merge the bones a deflate the unneeded ones.


Only modelling related thing is you have to replace the hand texture with an invisible one to prevent overlapping.

Haha… I’m really terrible at explanations. Pretty much what ralle said.

So I’m guessing this is possible then? Awesome.

What he said. If anyone wants an example of how this would work, check out some of Daimao’s stuff; I think Ralle’s basing this off Daimao’s Full Body project that he never released. But just a guess. v:v:v