Hands not goin down.

Every. Single. DarkRP.Perp, or any other RP Gamemode (except the one noted below) Keys/Hands make your char look like its holding a pistol but it has no gun. the only gamemode that i have seen that dousnt have this problem is a gamemode that is not realsed to the public, it is HalfLife2RP (Mostly Kuroscript Jaked UP) Why do we have to suffer while they dont

Because a slight change caused all swep hold types to stop working.
Due to a change in predictions, a hold type needs to be both server and client, rather than just client.

The private game modes don’t suffer as they are updated often, and are supported by the creators.

Well i just found out how to make it look like their down in sandbox. U need assmod and strip all weapons. Maybe ill take a peek and make it work for keys swep once more

You don’t need assmod.

lua_run     player.GetByID( 1 ):StripWeapons()

Copy&Paste to console when you are in-game.