Handsome Pete's Guide to Achievement Farming in Garry's Mod

NOTE: I don’t like to farm, but a lot of my friends like to, and since they’re really stupid ad couldn’t think of things as simple as this,I did this for them. I haven’t found any of these anywhere, so why not post it. It’ll be here, and on the SPUF. ANOTHER NOTE: Don’t ban me bro, don’t ban me: This was bound to come up eventually.

Play Singleplayer: Easy-Peasy Pumpkin Squeezy
Play Multiplayer: See Above.
Play Around: Join a zombie-mod or melon-race server
Secret Phrase: Join any single player or multiplayer, and say in chat “Rusty Bullet Hole”.(or anything similar to that, it will work, i think.)
Innocent Bystander*: In-game, use the spawn menu to spawn a shit-load of birds by clicking on the pigeon icon in the NPC menu. Click awa until the icon doesn’t moe as much, and your fps will be about 10. Don’t worry if they’re in the same spot, they’ll move away, and they WON’T run away from you. Equip the Flechette gun, and just one or two on the ground near them will kill all of them. Repeat for a bout five minutes. The FPS comes back after each slaughter, don’t worry.
War Zone*: Do the same thing as Innocent Bystander, except with Dr. Breen.
Bad Friend*: Do the same thing as Innocet Bystander and War Zoe, except with Dr. Kleiner.
Procreator:*By the time you have achieved one of these, you will have this achievement; Do the same as any of them, with any NPC.
Popper: Equip the balloon tool, and go bt-shit crazy, and shoot everywhere. Then, use the Flechette Gun and shoot the ground around them.
Friendly: Join servers with friends playing; check if you got achievement progress, and move on to the next.
Half Marathon: See Marathon
Marathon: Join an empty server, and maybe use a script that moves you around, or put a toe-nail clipper or something on the space bar. You can get this in your sleep. (If you get kicked, try again :D)
Ball Eater: Spawn an ass-load of balls, and press “e” to eat. This might not take long if you can keep em all in one space.
Bad Coder: Download this and use it. It’ll be about 20 seconds.
Menu User: Press “Q” until your hands burn, then do it some more. I suggest doing this over time, and when you are waiting for something or bored, spam “Q”.
Dollhouse: Spawn another ass-load of TF2 scouts or something. Delete them after your FPS gets horrible. (Deleting them after time will help towards “Destroyer”)
Destroyer: Spawn a bunch of props nd items, and DELETE THEM!
Map Loader: Load a map, exit, do it again.
Yes, I am the real Garry!: I have no damn clue. I don’t think anyone has this. If you can find the real Garry’s account, stalk him, and join him as fast as you can.
Startup Millenium: I suggest this be the only achievement not to farm. If you really want to take the time to load it again and again and again, do it.
One Day: Idle, or play over time.
One Week: Idle, and/or play over time.
One Month: Play over time and Idle.
Addict: Idle for a year. Are you proud?

And there you go. Haben Sie Spaß, eine Leistung, Hure!

No offense, but anyone with half a brain could figure that out. I guess that some people need help, and understand “why don’t i post it on facepunch?”. But I might be able to improve this post.

Everyone doesn’t have flechette gun. I would suggest admin gun (realistic css sweps) or some other “no ammo limit kickass weapon”.

On innocent bystander you can make that idle and just spawn like you described, but on war zone and bad friend you could use a npc spawner to skip the spawning.

(one last thing the thing i said in the beginning, it wasn’t an insult towards you, but to the n00bs!)

Or use an Achievement Unlocker. :downs:

I’ve played with garry before, was with Overv and 2 coders who I forgot ages ago.

It must be weird being Garry, joining a server and then every single person getting an achievement at once. Like the Midas Touch but for servers.

The addict achievment would take like 4 years if you play an average of 6 hours a day
3 years if you play 8 hours a day
2 if you play 12 hours a day
1 if you play 24/7

If I keep playing Garrysmod that long, I think I would get addict in about 3 and a half years.


Actually, I havn’t played Gmod a lot lately, so I think It would take like 5 ‘n’ half years.

I know, and I posted it for the people with <half a mind

There isn’t one available for Garry’s mod yet.

What’s all the fuss over getting achievements? What’s their purpose? Do they unlock really cool weapons? No! Do they give you perks like in COD4? No! So what’s the big deal besides some idiots thinking “OK, I’ve unlocked these achievements 3 days sooner than you did, so that means I’m better than you are. Now lick my shoes!”, then typing it in 1337? We all get them eventually. It just distracts from the game itself, and /b/tard-like people twist its meaning beyond recognition. They aren’t bad, and can add some interesting goals to your gameplay, but they encourage too much stupidity.

Look at the name achievements. It proves you ACHIEVED something. People like to achieve things so they can feel like they’ve done something worth the time.

Add the game ID into PPP, I’ve done it.

Id love to play Gmod with the man himself.

Oh Rusty BULLET Hole
I thought it was Rusty Butt Hole. I feel like an idiot now.
=Zombie Dance=

Yes :their: is. I’ve seen idiots bragging that they got the Addict achievement (and they really did have it). Anyone with a brain would know that it hasn’t even been close to a year since achievements were released, so even if you live in your mother’s basement and play Garry’s Mod every moment of every day, you still couldn’t legitimately have the Addict achievement.

If I saw someone with the addict achievement, to be honest, I would lose a lot of respect for them. That perticular achievement is just plain sad, in my opinion.

That’s impossible unless they used an achievement unlocker.