Hang Gliders, Islands, and Underwater Exploration

The hang gliders could be used on mountains, and would require the user to craft it, and maybe a aneometer to determine how fast they’ll go. It’ll take 10 seconds of running then they can jump to activate the hang glider. If they crash, they’ll lose 50 health on impact and a broken leg. If not, they’d just touch the ground then the hang glider would break and be stored in their inventory or vanish depending on the type of hang glider.
Reusable Hang Glider: Would cost 300 cloth, 50 Metal Fragments, would still break after every use, but costs 1/2 of the building cost to repair it.
One Time Hang Glider: 150 Cloth, 25 metal fragments, breaks after the first time the user uses it.

Islands would be offshore and would have three plus the mainland. The user would have to swim to it or use a ship, and on the island would be mini-monuments and possible NPCs.

Underwater Exploration would require the user to make a SCUBA suit.
The scuba suit would be usable for 30 minutes total until it breaks, and requires the user to take down a helicopter for the parts of the scuba, or they could find a full scuba suit with half durability.

Thanks for reading! Goodbye! :smile:

I really like your idea for Hang gliders :q:

From the last devblog, it looks like they’re heading in that direction…

I love the idea of building underwater - imagine proper air locks, risk of flooding, air management etc. Long way off tho!

underwater is cool, islands already exists, maybe not too distance, but is hard to mainten pvp with this kind of map. and gliders are really fuck up ideia, is really easy to roof raid bases right now, think with glaiders, it is not farcry or just cause… i always build up some really high tower with some space to start glaiding in roof for every base i see

I like the hang glider idea, but even a ramshackle hangglider would be a lot more usable then once. The first one should have like a 15 use durability, and the second one twice that, but they are both extremely weak and are downed with 3 ak shots for the first one, and 6 for the second. Also, you should only be able to use the semi auto pistol and smgs while flying, and the accuracy is severely decreased while flying.

Sounds like that movie" Waterworld"