Hanging on Startup

So Garrysmod was working fine yesterday, nothing changed on my computer, and now it wont start up. It will get to the screen where the guy is putting a cone on the other guys head, but nothing will happen after that.
Im running Windows XP Home, SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo @2.33 GHz with 3 GB of Ram

If there is any more info I can give you, let me know.

P.S there are 4 crash logs in my /garrysmod/ folder, but I have no idea what to do with them.


Try re-installing.

Did you try just restarting your computer?

Upload the mdumpsto a file sharing site so as we can read them, and also email them to garry so as he can read them.

And I just emailed Garry.

What programme do i use to see those messages?

C++ Visual Studio 2005/2008

I read them, and I didn’t see anything important. Will just have to hope Garry does.