Hanging up the towel - Who wants to take over?

I am done being an admin, and I am willing to give up my server if anyone wants to take over.

Shoot me a PM or let me know here if your interested. Next pay date for the server is the 20th/Feb

50 Slot RUST server
20 slot TS3 server

Yo, lets join up? I think you just down-voted my post about making contests, but maybe we can help each other out? I have a server too, I’d love to have another admin on board or maybe we split payments on one server? Or if you are just done I understand.

I would rather get rid of it and join as admin on another server. But I’m picky, wouldn’t want to admin a server I don’t enjoy…

Well I’m doing the contests to hopefully get people involved on the server. It’s going to be Vanilla Rust, but with objectives to win money. I’m at work for another hour then I’ll be home and I’m going to start a contest shortly after I get home. So let me know if you want to help me get it going. I have 6 or so friends that are also going to play in the contest and help it get started.

Just a quick note… You are throwing in the towel, not hanging it up ;).

Anyway, good luck in your search.

Where does this money come from?

Its not a boxing match, depends on how you look at the phrase :slight_smile:

Currently the money comes from my pockets and job. And I’m okay with that if people start to join and enjoy themselves. Maybe in the future sponsors could be something to talk about. But like I said, I’m fine with supplying cash if it helps promote a healthy fun server for people to compete on.

Hey. I am developing a community at rustgameserver.com and would love to include your server as our second server. Send me a PM and we can talk :smiley:

Hit me up on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Blackwater1, cant seem to PM you

Got rid of my server, if anyone looking for a good admin let me know.

I’m not looking for another admin, but if you’d like a new home and have people to bring over, I’ll make it worth your while.


I know rust essentials mod pretty well if someone needs another essentials admin.