Hangs at 99% Download


Not getting past this. Any solution?

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Tried on Chrome and Firefox.

Server is glitched right now, you will have to wait.

Too many entities on the map, it’s been discussed in various other threads, hopefully the wipe will happen tomorrow so it’ll be okay to play on again.

After waiting a couple minutes it just got in.
I did reinstall the web-player though.

It’s also dark as hell.

Yeah, some people can get in when they’ve waited long enough, but no loot piles spawn, and zombies don’t move, nor can they actually be killed because of the insane amount of lag.

Just wait for the wipe. It will happen soon, I’m not sure. They didn’t mention the times in GMT anyway.
For the time being, if you have the patience, try to get everything you have in your inventory. I have never seen how a wipe in this game works so I don’t know if the stuff stays in your inventory and crafting list.

Yeah, I didn’t know it was in this state haha.
Just decided I’d pop in after hearing about house creation or something. Haven’t played it since the first week the alpha was released.

Still the same for me though …

There is about 36 survivors surviving, are they in cause they’re lucky, or are they trying to load in?

I think they’re not playing in the server right now. They’re just logged in.

I can get in the server perfectly fine right now, dunno what the fuck is with you guys.

Thank god, it’s working now. Let’s get killed by a hacker again !

I wouldn’t recommend playing right now due to absurd amounts of lag. I would go on, put all your stuff in your inventory and DC.