Hank Hill

I ran a quick search around here and garrysmod.org, I haven’t seen this released or requested anywhere, just a few sound packs for TF2 and L4D seen on Youtube

With all the talk on Sonic Retro and the like about petitioning Sega to put Hank Hill in Sega All-Stars Racing, I thought it would be awesome to have him in Garry’s Mod. It certainly would be a lot easier than hacking a new game, plus it would work really well with the lawnmower model

Point is, I’d like to see a Hank Hill ragdoll in Garry’s Mod. Player model/NPC would be a bonus, but not required

holy shit yes

My gawd do it

Haha, I was wondering when someone was going to request this.
I’d love to have ol’ Hank.


Somewhat relevant also as well

It needs to be done

More like someone needs to make all 4 of them and release a L4D Model replacer pack

oh heck yes

Oh my god, that chao is a genius! Models, soundpacks, and we’d be set for the propane apocalypse. All of the charcoal users got a bad shipment of charcoal!

this would be useful

I support the L4D mod idea.

Gas cans need to be propane tanks, too.

They already made the Strickland Propane Tanks for L4D 1. FPS banana.

“I find a Strickland Propane in this place and I’m a be a one-man narrow urethra apocalypse, i tell you what.”

This must be done.

This is Asinine

Well, I tell you what…it -feels so good- to see someone Requesting this.
(incredibly lame pun)