Hapis Island Top map

Hi all fairly new to Rust and i ve noticed theres a bunch of maps out there but none thats a definitive ‘Hapis Island’ map. Is there a site you guys use for the top down maps or is there no such beast?


Random reddit I found: http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/34lfb5/some_area_name_suggestions_for_hapisisland_got/

dont see a map on this link, i appreciate the help though

You could try clicking on the title link of that thread, which is a picture. That’s how Reddit works.

There are sites that generate a top-down map of a given map seed, and you can Google where they are, I don’t have the address offhand. However, I don’t know that they’d get Hapis Island maps so quickly after the patch.

ah yep, thanks alot, i dont use reddit so i appreciate it, however i dont think thats the new one, as it has a desert in it, is it maybe this one? http://www.playrusthq.com/server/17112/bazinga-rust-fair-admins-full-wipe-03-19-official-24-7 i seem to recall landmarking off of the mountain on that one but again im unsure.

Thanks again

I’m pretty sure that’s a procedural map, not Hapis. It has a seed of 142126.

You can get it by checking the livemap of a server that’s using it.

So we will play at regular map /hapis, legacy map/ or random ? /generated randomly/?..

sweet thanks thats exactly what i was looking for