hapis Island

what happend to hapis Island?
I was very excited when it first came out but the team forgot about it…
the map still have a lot of bugs and unsolved issues.
Lord Garry please revive this map :why:

They did say it was on the back burner for the time being, on a side not barrel respawn was fixed per the patch notes.

It’s a very bad map IMHO and they didn’t get positive feedback for it, so I’m pretty sure they’ll come around and make a decent remake of Rust island one day or just finish the map maker and let us do it ourselves.

I ran Hapis for a month on my server and it was the worse mistake I ever did in Rust… Terribad map. An insult to Legacy more than the tribute it was meant to be.

other than the no resorce re-spawns issues I liked the map. With livemap, I do prefer Progen but Hapis was a nice change of pace.

I wrote the plugin Cornucopia for Hapis initially. Fixes all the resource, barrel and animal issues.