Happy Anniversary Garry's Mod

happy 14th anniversary garry’s mod :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
i haven’t played garry’s mod anywhere near as long as a lot of the other people here,
but most experiences I have had were moderately enjoyable and it made up a good portion of my teenage years.


Most of my friends I’ve made online is because of Garry’s Mod.
I’ve spent a lot of hours in it. It’s just a great game.

Happy anniversary! :tada:

4 more years, and it’s going to be legal. Just wait.

Garry’s Mod was born and raised in the UK though :flushed:

I though our little sanbox mess of a game was little bit older, but still 'ery noice.

Would that make all that NSFW content canon for our non-existant gmod lore or?

I’m late, but happy anniversary GMOD. One of the best game I’ve ever played.