Happy Birthday, Deri!

Tomorrow is Deri101’s birthday, happy birthday mate!


–Based on true events taken place last month–

Inb4 people come whining about Metallica

Oh well, happy b-day, Deri.

Nice muzzleflash by the way. Some wasted space on both sides of the pic though.

Happy Bday Deri.
Awesome pic Zerax.

Happy birthday Deri!

Happy 14 years on earth Deri!

Who’s Deri

i like the Image
and i respect this guy for his Musical Interest

No but in all seriousness, who’s Deri?

a perskinner i think

Seriously dude?

C’mon we all know it’s his 12th birthday.

I’m pretty sure it’s his 13th, he always told me he was 12. In any case he got my respect for speaking so many languages at this age.

I strongly agree with the events depicted in this image.

And it appears that Halflambada is still experiencing pain in his buttocks. I’m deeply sorry to hear this.

Thank you so much Zerax! Brought a smile to my face :buddy:.

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Hehe… No I’m not twelve… Although my behavior during recent events could induce people to believe this.

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I am.

Only real men can fire a tommy-gun from the foregrip!

I concur.

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I am :saddowns:

Happy Birthday man.

Thanks Highvoltage. :buddy:

Oh, now I understand who Deri is. Happy birthday!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Best wishes to all of you guys too! :3:


Happy Birthday fucker mother.

3rd time I’ve wished you a happy birthday, you owe me fgt