Happy Father's Day!


you were all born in a lab


EDIT: This explains everything. I was genetically designed to have superpowers.


The low-res mug, it hurts me.

Yeah! Dad deserves a much higher-res mug then that! After all, we came out of his balls!

You could at least have edited the mug. The texture looks terrible.

perhaps you could have photoshopped the mug instead of having us stare at that low-res crap seeing as it’s like the main focus of this picture but yeah otherwise great job I laughed

No it’s high-res.

You just think it’s low-res BECAUSE YOU AL WERE BORN IN A LAB

I was born in an uterus and that cup is perfectly fine, you bunch of frozen sperm.

Its a side effect of being born of a test tube, cups in videogames are all low rez

unlike you weirdos, I actually have a dad:

A mosquito fossilized in amber doesn’t count, bloo.

shut up your are all tank-born and clanless

Killed the Thresher Maw, though…

Anyway, the low res mug is the only detractor to this picture, but I laughed.

My whole unit on Akuze…