"Happy New Year, Pripyat!" - Soldier and German Shepherd are standing on floor


Used Background: [MEDIA]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Pripyat01.jpg


rim lighting is too much, but it’s also because of the bloom in the original.

That’s amazing! Have an palette!

The soldier and the dog really fit in the picture, nice work.
But as said, the rim lights are a little excessive.

yes… i think so too

I don’t like the method “Make-the-pic-low-res-and-blurry” to fit the background.

I was expecting general shepherd (or is it shepard?) with a nazi moustache :slight_smile:

Yeah rate me dumb.
That picture looks great , but the legs are kinda fucked up.

sigh PNG loading time.

Oh okay here we go.

Well, he fits into the picture very well at the top-half but, at the bottom, there shouldn’t be nearly as much rim-lighting and the cut -ut is really sharp and undetailed. The same goes for the dog - because of the hair you should feather the selection or lightly erase parts of the cut-out. The snow looks really sharp and isn’t effected by depth-of-field like the picture is. It is also too horizontal.

Oh yeah, and STALKER + photograph is way over-done already. People need to get their own ideas.

Celebrate for new year of chernobyl
not stalker.

Sorry, just because you put “happy new year hurf durf” as a title it doesn’t make your gasmask soldier on a photo pose any less generic.

It seems like alot of pictures are using that area for an image.

the first half of it looked great