Happy new year TF2 :)


The posing sure is godlike

thx :slight_smile:

Excellent posing all around, but especially on the RED Spy. His face posing is godlike, I must say. My only gripe is that the colors seem a little washed out.

I do not have a very powerful computer, sry this problem :slight_smile:

The posing is indeed awesome, I love it.

Lovely posing :smiley:
I like Spy face.

That BLU Spy is going to ruin the party. Or be their campfire. Either one.

goddamn that angle is boss

The weirdness of the colour makes it look so awesome!

Holy shit this is amazing.
Reminds me of a godlike TF2 artist from a while back.
Her name escapes me.

Chemical Alia?

thx all, I will try do new good pics :slight_smile:

Absolutely fantastic posing and angle. An all-around great picture.