Happy New Year to Rust players :D

Happy New Year to Rust players :smiley:
Happy New year to all steam users generally, and rust players especially. Hope you enjoy your 31st december 2013 on your game :smiley: . It’s a pity i’m alone in front of my TV set :confused: while my best friends enjoy their games in front of their computers. Unfortunatly, i can’t afford this game during this period of days. Hope someone kind enough gonna gift it to me this night.

Hopefully, Zambigorg


And It’s my birthday ! :3 I recieved one gift : a xbox one :3 , but i really want Rust too so i can play with my friends before the end of the holydays

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Well happy new year and amazing birthday to you! : )
(Have fun with you’r new xbox one :wink: )

Thank’s :smiley:
Hope i gonna recieve rust by someone generous x) (i have the right to dream, do I?) xD

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Happy new year bambinos :wink:

Without enabling your PMs I can’t get you a key :S

Looks like I’ll have to give it to Jimbomcb

pls gib kiyy ;_;

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all hope you all have a great year. :slight_smile: