Harassing Fire

Posed this ages ago to show a friend some quick reskins I did of the OW, finally got around to finishing the edit. It’s not great, but whatever.

Combine Airwatch RRT gets contacted from somewhere up on the bluffs shortly after dropping in.


looking good!

The heat waves coming off the mounted pulse gun are a nice touch.

How much touching up was involved on the soldiers themselves?

A fair bit, I started this during the tail end of my maniacal dodge/burn phase. Actually, I think it kind of suits this picture.

posing looks pretty good, shading looks too heavy though

that shading is awful and the grass doesn’t blend in to the image.

if you are going to dodge/burn, do it and then make the opacity something like 15%. it will be visible but not overdone.

The combine guys look painted. Not to mention cool.

It’s on 12%, I just went over it like a bajillion times. Duly noted

Basically what 69105 said. I kinda like the style of the shading, but it is so overdone on the soldiers, but not used anywhere else, that they end up looking very out-of-place. The reason the grass looks out-of-place is because it is too saturated compared with the rest of the picture, but also because the perspective seems a little off. Some in-game grass may have worked better. I love the heat/pressure wave from the rifle though - that’s awesome.

Damn, I haven’t seen these kind of pictures in years.

Combine skins and shading are good.

Are they shooting at each other?

I added the grass as an afterthought (I believe the exact thought went, “FUCK THAT’S A LOT OF BARE DIRT ARGH IT LOOKS SHIT”); I also used a shitload of the ingame grass elsewhere so I was worried about GMod taking a dump, as it frequently does when I try and make extensive use of ingame grass. I definitely see what you mean, though.

They’re covering the rest of their section as they fall back into better cover. Fire is being directed up at the top of the bluffs opposite, at an unseen target, probably a single sniper.

I don’t understand what it is about, but I do like it. The posing and the editing looks very good and overall makes it look like a very good shot.