Harbor RP?

Does anyone know of a Harbor RP server that stays up constantly, or is the gamemode pretty much dead and different servers come and go?

It’s a DarkRP server, hosted by only 1 community - it’s their decision whether to keep their servers up or not for a chosen amount of time.

I know there is catalyst gaming and radon servers. I should rephrase that question to do you know of any other servers.

Last time I checked it was “closed” source. I put that in quotes because it was leaked a bit supposedly after CG fell.


The latest version that is being hosted needs some serious reworking though, as stuff is so expensive and money making so ludicrously bad that literally everyone mugs constantly.

bring back BridgeRP
edit: and now that trump won, WallRP :v:

I have purchased said files from one of the previous owners (Asked me to not mention his name) and i could host them but from what ive seen i dont think it would be too much of a good idea. Seemingly the community dies every few months after its opened. and it runs on a very old version of Darkrp. so there would be major compatibility issues with it aswell. If i can get a decent amount of people that will pay for the upkeep and nothing more unless they want to donate more i would be fine purchasing a box and getting a forum page up for the server

other than that i dont know anyone that would want to play the server for more than a few weeks.

–edit removed named–

i will update it as needed until i find a suitable stance on the server or until the server offers some good ideas

ive been looking for a new gamemode have a ready to go 32 slot was making a starwars jedi vs sith but having small issues with anti team kill script

Slight necro but here is a link To the only active harbour rp server I know of