Hard Boiled

a model test turned into pose test turned into editing test turned into posting threads test

I’ll plop the models in this thread later because I’m sleep

stupid compression
fancy version
original (not as nice, beware!!!)


posing looks incredibly off the blood on the guys shirt doesnt look right and what is up with max’s hands

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i really like the edited version though, great job on that!

The finger posing on the peep with the deagle is really off. (Not that mine is better :v:)

Oh no, bumps are inverted!

Yeah! Can’t wait to get the Max Payne Model!

this is sweet man winner for you but u should have put in some music to make it more epic but still AWESOME

***"Here i was about to Execute this poor bastard like some dime store angel of death and i realized…

I’d already killed him."***


Here’s the Max Payne model

He doesn’t have fingernails on one hand, no face or eye posing, and I rigged the fingers in about 15 seconds. He has bodygroups for his head/chest/legs to switch between his bumpmaps. I’ll probably just release Tequila in the releases section, since he’s done aside from some minor fixing up.

Thanks man. :v:

Please Re-Upload if he’s finsihed. (Face- and Eyeposing and Polygonfix)

Thanks for the model! I don’t believe I would have found it if a friend hadn’t directed me to this thread


I have a new desktop background, thanks!


Looks good.