Hard lags nothing works :(

i have another problem. I can talk and anything ingame and i dont think its my ping but players say to me i have hard lags my model moves only every 30secs to my new position. Zombies and animals ignore me. I cant attack anyone there is the hit sign but i deal no damage. And if i open a box there is no loot window next to my inventory. Help me please
regards LACE

Hey lace, i saw you earlier and you were standing still. but the animals thing is happening for us all.

not for me, every bear and wolf i see still wanna kill me

Maybe it is only the EU2 server

Computer Specs and Internet speed would be helpful info.

Yeah sure.
Intel Core i5 2660, 4GB DDR 3 1333, Geforce GTX460 and a 3,2 Mbit/s internet
I have made a video then u can see what exactly happens http://youtu.be/FoqWI0SSgVk

The video/ computer specs was a huge help! And it might help the Devs target the issue. I don’t know what a 32k internet pipe is though :x

Sorry my english isnt the best :stuck_out_tongue: i have edit the post. Its 3,2 Mbit per second Internet cable.

yo bei mir leuft alles rund…


I have reinstalled every drivers, any software for my browser, i tried it with every browser and its still like i have every 5minutes connection for some seconds. If i relog im on a place i was before some minutes and once i spawned next to a wolf and i could killed him. Then i ran around and checked some boxes but i had the same problem like before…

32k = 32000 , 1k = 1000 in games curency it’s moastly used. But i see it’s more oftenly used elsewere aswell. ^^

I have made a second video maybe it helps… http://youtu.be/l3XdSTrxWjk
Can someone please give me a helpful anwser i despair…

This exact thing happened to me but when I switched to AU I was fine :3

Hope I helped

Also I am not retarded I don’t live in Australia, I live in the US

Try chrome and reinstall unity if its buggy by removing it through the control panel then re install it by launching the game as it will self load. it may take a few minutes but that’s what fixed all my and my friends issues. Animals not attacking is a game glitch not you.

this problem is kinda weird i dont know what happend my pc crashed as i connected (bluescreen) and now it work xD