Hard Rain (not left 4 dead 2 lol)

i know this shit! please! stop bumping it!!!
i did a mistake, anyone does, im sorry
here my last work…its much better -.-"

What the fuck.

You blurred it way too much.

uhhhh… optimistic ?

Can’t see shit captain.

If I didn’t already see Chesty’s edit, I wouldn’t know what the hell it was. In fact, it looked like you took Chesty’s, and blurred it a lot. It’s not good.

You would need the eyes of a 70 year old to see this clearly.

Eyes can’t focus, already had an headache. oh god.
Next time blur it less


Can’t see shit!

Bloody blurry rain?

you just blur raped the already awesome picture,making it shitty…

This is the biggest fucking excuse for an “Artistic” as he wants. You can’t see anything, and you ruined a beautiful picture, good job… now Chesty has to make another pose because you fucked this one up.

Because if you say that about your own picture it must be true right? :downs:


And the pose was by Chesty, numbnuts.

The hell? Can’t see a damned thing.

I can’t see whats happening, Is that Chesty’s pic?

Lol this wasnt posed be me.
Chesty posed it.


Ninjad by Vman

Mah, mah… mah picture. What have you done?

He raped it and now hes a rapist and thats bannable.
Admins ban this rapist.

You killed Combine’s image.
Good job breaking it, hero.