Hard reset after running rust

I think this has been answered before, but I can’t find the post. My PC requires a hard reset every time I run the rust client. Not sure if this is related, but whenever I double click the icon to initiate the program, the PC will run extremely slowly for up to a minute before the launch window appears (one were you can set the keybindings). Just recently started happening, very high spec machine so its not hardware related.


Instead of just saying you have high specs, try listing your specs

Intel 5930K @ ~4.6ghz
32GB DDR4 ram OC to 2800mhz
x3 EVGA 980s
x2 SSD in raid-0

DAYMN that’s a nice freakin PC.

I have no idea what is causing your problem. But it’s DEFINATLY not you hardware at those specs.

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Unless rust isn’t happy with your RAM being overclocked…

lol thanks. Na I don’t think that’s the issue pal. It’s super stable and an XMP OC profile - that RAM came with multiple XMP profiles, the RAM’s on water so I didn’t care about the heat and went with the fastest!

I’ve seen a similar issue on here recently, and someone solved it - something to do with steam overlay bugging? idk…

HOLY SHiT water cooled RAM come on GIMME GIMME GIMME my specs are:
i7 4790K
MSI Gaming GTX 980

And I can play rust at 60 fps Max Settings
Your PC would beast rust!!!

How much was your PC???
Mine was about $3000 AUD.

Yea I kept specing it and things got a tad out of hand! WC the ram and the mobo does eff all for performance, it was more of an enthusiast thing.

Tbh, my machine would run rust equally as well as you, the two additional graphics cards are not utilized unfortunately :(…maybe with dx12??? I’m playing over 5760x1200 and getting really good frames now with the new performance updates, usually 35-55 fps

Unless you choose to play the DX 9 version, your using DX 11. I Would say all you cards are getting used at that resolution or a least 2 of them as I’m getting 60fps on a 720p TV lol.

I really need to get a proper monitor…

Sorry I meant dx12! Only one card chap, sli indicator doesn’t engage - forcing AFR yields mixed results, generally its better run on one card. I dropped ambient occlusion, you get another 10 frames that way and it looks pretty much the same. Other than that, everything on max… (I think??)

Dude, seriously consider tri-monitor gaming. I couldn’t play any other way now

I know I want to do Tri monitor, but at the moment I have a tiny desk and one would barely fit… I intend to redo my room at some point then I will have the space to do so

god knows why he got banned, but anyways, back on topic - any ideas peeps?

Hey mate!
I think we and some other people have the same problem.
See this topic:

But, no one could solve the problem. I have to hard reset everytime i close rust, because my windows stop working completely.

Ah thanks, that’s the post I remember seeing! Glad it’s not just me!

Actually, this started happening after the move to dx11 if thats of interest to anyone

Please fix this devs - it makes me do a sad face!

He got banned for bumping one of his threads.

I had the same issue as OP. Disabled steam overlay, cleared steam cashe, and havnt had the issue since. But now when I am afk in rust connected to a server rust just disconnects. I dont know how long it takes as Im away but when I come back its shutdown. Hope they get the issues sorted. Im sure he will.

I disabled steam overlay too, but no results. How do you clean the cache? It’s the same as verify the integrity of the game?

Having the same issue. Starting up rust after the Thursday update, Rust makes windows unable to open more programs or even restart windows. Hard reset is needed for windows to operate normaly after running rust.

This was the same effect that rust had a few weeks ago, When it would freeze when you hit a key to wake up.

This might sound weird, but when you want to leave the game, do you firstly disconnect and then quit or you quit while still in a server?

I’m asking this because every time I hit quit while still in the server the whole PC simply becomes unresponsive and requires a hard restart.
But when I first disconnect from the server and only after disconnecting I quit, my PC keeps on working as normal.

still having the issue. If i go into steam overlay, or wait and hit a key when It says hit a key to wake. It freezes up, just like it did for me a few patches ago.

does this have something to do with the new anti cheat? it seems after that was introduced into the games files I have been having issues. Other people have said they think it might be the anti cheat causing hangups and freezes, how true do you guys think this is?

It’s not the Rust that causes that, it’s Unity engine that’s fucking with your PC. Saw a Rustafied stream few days where they explained what’s causing that. Garry is looking into it as we speak.