Hard Rock Stage Ego-Booster

Howdy Folks :clint:

Submitted this as a contribution for Dominos “FPS”-Contest but the whole thing kind of went in the wrong direction.
Dunno’, how this will be sorted out and how my participation will look like in the end.

Anyway …

Music for Mood Enhancement:

(Band might not fit 100% but the music does) :biggrin:


Yeah, I know, I promissed no female persons in my next project but at least it’s a whole different context. :sweatdrop:

[release]Quick Infos

  • one full week of work
  • Never did an FPS pose before
  • 45 individual poses in the crowd
    -'nuff said[/release]

So, what do you people think of this piece of s#!t ?

Gimme all of your comments and your critisism. :allears:
Thank you and Enjoy. :love:

About time. This deserved a thread. As I said. Kick ass pose. Scene light really does the hole picture.
Did you do some edit on Alice? She looks so smooth.


Oh you! :smug:

Love the lighting in this, and I agree, Alice does look Smooth :smug:

Would you folks be so kind and look on the entire pic and not just Alice’s butt ? :buddy:
(Propably my fault, should have posed her differently). :sweatdrop:

Yes, I did some changes:
smoothed out a few edges on her left shoulder and her back.

Pretty cool, and pretty original too. Nice work.

Oh wow?
Seriously what the hell.

Stop talking nonsense. It wasn’t just Alice that impressed me. In fact, the first that caught my eye was the stage light. I though wow.
Then the number of rock fans continued to impressed me as I noticed the lights in the back. And in all this right over the guitar neck, the dessert. Alice:smile:

Just in case, some of you might be curious about what I did.
This is how the map looked like, before I started working:



What ?
What is wrong ?

Can I have the map please?

That would be CS_Dualism.
Just head over to Gamebanana.

So what ?
No further comments, not even a 'lil bit of critisism ?

Makes me sad … :smithicide:

Sorry this is a big bump, but this thread doesn’t deserve to die.

Unfortunately, I can’t add much criticism as a noob (lookit my post count), but I must say this is fuckin’ A! The pic looks awesome and feels like a rock concert.

I’d love to see more. :smile:

Works well as a background:smile:

Sick of the generic bg shit. Thanks for the map.

everyone in the crowd is wearing casual clothing

must be a hipster band

Cool concert

I take that as a comedic comment. :keke:
But seriously, there are no civies out there, that look “trve”.

No sweat, Appreciate the bump.
Besides, it’s not as huge as a Revival of a 2009 thread or somethin’.

the dynamic pose of the woman really stings out. nice picture!

Was really hard to pose her, I tell 'ya. :sweatdrop:
Especially, since she only has 2 ankle points on her legs instead of the usual 3.