[HARD WIP] aim_aftermath (aim_industrial v2)

This is a project that I am working on.

If you remember my old map aim_industrial [check the releases section] you will see that this map is an update,but I don’t want it to be a small update,it’s going to be much bigger.

What you see in the footage is the skeleton of new parts of the map,still needs a lot of improvements,and I would like your help.

Check out the video below and some of these screenshots.

There is an Ash effect on the map,though sadly the ash is kinda small,but I guess that’s good gameplay wise.


Criticism welcomed.

This area is kinda useless and the brick texture doesn’t fit

3 Crates is too much

Unrealistic Stairs

I agree with everything above except the crates, 3 is reasonable.

you can never have too many crates

It looked pretty good, I agree with the stairs. I usually use dimensions 6x8 units, or 6x12 units, whatever suits your fancy. Also your door frames were very thick and looked weird. I like to use the dev texture and line it up properly, then cutting to the frame.

Yes,they are a bit too big,i will fix them l8r.

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Added a new area,just to make the encounters a bit more distant and not always CQC.


The bridge also got an update


I love the new bridge, reminds me of farcry instincts.