Hardcock/Krabine Rock Crawler

I wanted to make a crawler after seeing Lawliet’s, but I didn’t want to make a body, and Haddock had a body but didn’t want to make a chassis. So we paired them, and the result was spectacular.
All wheel powered, locked diffs, solid axle suspension, engine sound works on wheel rpm for awesome sound while powering over things, and it DOES climb, it’ll conquer every obstacle on that offroad test course final or whatever. zeos’ giant shit can SUCK IT.

The engine makes it look like shit.

mine pwns yours at horsepower :smiley:

this is shit, lol no wait its from karbine, i mean its umm good :downs:

nice circus colors

I approve

I know, I didn’t wanna spend like 100 props on a custom one for a simple rock crawler.

Eh, build a nice little one out of props and parent it. That way you can have the ugly version for driving around on any server, and a pretty version for showing off. =]

It seems too…empty. Like If I was in a rock crawler I’d ad least want like a floor for my feet

o really now

i don’t build things to show off, i build them to use them for some purpose.

nice, although i agree with boner, it does look a little empty
i miss gmod, i’m coming back soon, i miss fucking around and shit, and new servers i should know about?

also, what is it with you making pictures of me your avatar?

All this time i thought that was karbine

Can I have a Dupe ?


but don’t you like that “wat” creeping up the side of your face bby?

mhmm yeesi do ;)))

hi can i play gmod