Hardcore Sucht Anstalt - Name ist Programm! [German] [Less C4/Grenades] [Economy] [PVP] [Sleepers] [Groups] [Teamspeak] [Airdrops] [Events]

Fresh set up 7. February

**Server data:

Name: <DE/EU> Hardcore Sucht Anstalt /|\ Less C4 /|\ Active Admin
Port: 28065
Connect via Console: net.connect**

German Teamspeak : team.hardcore-sucht-anstalt.de:9303


Feel free to join our Steamgroup http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GermanRustCommunity

Also we have a Rust Trading Forum for our server: Hardcore Sucht Anstalt Forum


Features of the server:
***- Noob Friendly

  • Active Admin
  • PVP on
  • Sleepers
  • Less C4 / Grenades
  • Airdrop @10+ players***

I’d like to see you soon :slight_smile:

Changes and specials will be announced in this thread.

push :slight_smile:

push :slight_smile:

adjusted some droprates

  • lowered shotgun shell spawn
  • lowered 556 spawn
  • slightly increased 9mm ammo spawn

[editline]19th January 2014[/editline]

  • reactivated 9mm Pistol crafting
  • Kevlar Armor can now be found on Zombies too
  • 9mm Ammo droprate increased again
  • changed airdrop minplayers from 5 to 4

nice nice ^^



bump ^-^

  • made 9mm Pistol, P250 and MP5 craftable
  • made 9mm Ammo craftable
  • normal crafting time now
  • made Rad suit research & craftable
  • got wiped a last time @ 20/1/14

update to the latest version

updated Loot tables

  • you will find much more different stuff inside Buildings, Airdrops and Zombies!

added steamgroup


Go grab the candy!

Added Economy System

rolled out a small update



Fresh wiped! on 1/2/14


  • There will be a wipe. We can’t bypass this, because of some performance related updates and some other notes.

  • Kevlar Armor will become even more rare and more expensive in the shop.

  • Rad Suit Armor will be on the loot-tables, but 3x more rare than Kevlar.

  • You will not be able to find any 9mm Ammo, you have to craft them.
    [Airdrops can still contain up to 50 of them]

  • Sleepers will be turned on for a more realistic and fair PVP-Gameplay.
    [If you don’t know what Sleepers are, google it.]

  • MP5 will no longer be craftable, you have to find it inside Rad Towns.

  • You are able to craft C4! System is explained.
    [You have to find a “Explosive Charge Blueprint”, they are rare and you can’t research C4! ; For the next step, you need to find Explosives, they are common inside Citys]

  • Metal Building Parts will be LEGENDARY. Be happy if you own one.

  • Door Sharing will be activated again.

  • New command /fps and /fpsoff
    Use /fps to get the maximum Frames on the server.
    This is dedicated to Low End PC users.