Hardened Structures

DEV’s here’s a simple one.


Give us Reinforced Options for building materials.
Wooden Wall (4 planks, or 40 wood total) takes 1 C4 charge to blow.
Solid Wooden Wall (10 Planks & 10 Metal Fragments, or 100 wood total) takes 2 charges to blow.
Metal Reinforced Wooden Wall (10 Planks & 10 Low Quality Metal) takes 3 charges to blow.

You could use the same graphics just tint them a different color till you have time to do proper.

Do the same with Metal Walls and such.

LOL do you realize that NEWLY (or regularly repaired) wood wall can take 4 c4s ?
Ofc if you will let it decay slowly for a few days (logging every 24h will decay walls slowly)it can take 1 c4 to blow ? Simply every day you log take wood in hot bar, and rapier your wooden walls.

Ok, Vanrael. Since the last patch they “fixed” C4 and now it deals full damage to building pieces. So it takes 1 C4 now.

Plus who wants to log in every day forever just to repair our stuff?? Some of us have lives in the real world too…