Hardly ever and offline raid without incident.

I hear a lot about offline raiding being dirty, but on the servers I play on, I’ve only seen a couple.

More than half of the offline raids I’ve been on have been interrupted by random groups who hear the explosions and come running - and I generally offline raid around 2am. I don’t fire more than two rockets ever without first building a raid base with a dedicated sniper protecting me. Sometimes people insist on skipping the raid base, and half the time we end up dying because of it.

Raiding is a crap shoot and it draws a ton of attention. There is a solid 50% chance that if you were offline raided, someone tried killing the raiders anyway.

I think it is funny.

The only exception is when you raid some dildo on the corner of the map that finished his base four days ago and has been running his quarry and furnace non-stop ever since. There might not be anyone around to protect him and you know he is coming for you if you don’t get him first.

This! Just last week I was on a rad-run and heard some explosions real close by, so I ran over, saw 3 people so i decided to sneak up on them, with nothing but a bow and a crossbow I managed to sneak up on and kill their lookout, steal all his gear then continued to kill one of the others that was raiding, the third person high tailed it out of there and I chased him, and ended up killing him to, so I managed to kill all three of them with a bow and a crossbow, I got a heap of gear, some explosives and a few pistols out of it. And i had nothing but a bow, crossbow, and a heap of bandages, and I was naked.

If there not a massive clan or they’re not smart about it, chances are their raid is going to be foiled by people passing by.