Hardware & config for DarkRP server?

Hello! I want to setup my DarkRP server(again) with 24 slots and now i want to use VDS, but i have some questions:

  1. What hardware i should pick? Is 1 core ~3 ghz and 1GB RAM enough? I’ve heard that Linux SRCDS uses only 1 core.
  2. How to optimize the server? I was not able to set custom tickrate, it was always 66.
  3. Virtualization. What is the best? KVM or Xen? OpenVZ is shi~ as i know.
    Thank you!

I use OpenVZ (VPS) fine, we currently have a 3 vCore + 3GB Ram + 3GB vSWAP server, wich works fine with multiple servers, I dont know much about the ram requirements, but with that one core of 3Ghz you’re good to go. Just bandwidth has to be enough, too, also, tickrate can be changed in the command like of the server, eg. -tickrate 33 and then changing the network settings like maxcmdrate.

OpenVZ? Hmm, okay, thanks for reply

About the config, what is the best cfg command for a good connection?

Depending on the actual server upload/download speed & tickrate.