Harley Quinn And The Joker



Fuck. Me likes this pic! The lighting in particular.

Awesome pose. The Joker’s gun looks a little large for some reason and Harley’s hair doesn’t look so good (The little bit in her face). Other then that its great

Are you joking (ahem), but that gun is big for a reason; it’s supposed to be stupidly huge! Classic Joker!

Its over Joker.

Man I wish you’d stop flaunting these models in our faces.


Don’t worry, Soon the Arkham Batman models will be out soon.

I never seen the original Batman movies. Only Dark Knight and Begins

I pity you :c

Joker looks scary as hell here.


Pretty nice.

what’s with your edits being different shades of blue and green?

What the fuck is the Joker holding?
It looks like a sex toy :pervert:

It’s an editing style I’m trying to figure the nuts and bolts out, It looks good to me but looks odd to other people.

Thanks for the interesting comments made me laugh.

awesome lol, I always like how your joker faces turn out; it looks authentic

don’t worry pretty soon I’ll release my versions, I’m working on joker, and titan joker, when I get Killer croc’s textures on his collar fixed up

Can’t wait Luigi!

Killer croc is a scary mother fucker.


where do you find the joker of AA

Of AA?

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