Harley Quinn (New and hopefully improved)

This is a test with the new Harley Quinn model soon to be released by Luigimario. She’s got numerous faceposing options and is far better for posing then the existing Quinn model ported by S-Low.


But Joker is not going to be available yet. :frowning:



I mean it :q:

Love the lighting and editing, mate.

Thanks dude! :smiley:

Great lighting and posing and faceposing.

I wants the joker model.

i want all BAA models…



Awesome she looks great.

Awesome. Model looks great, at does your posing. Is Luigimario porting any other Arkham Asylum models too?

All in good time.

I assume he’s gonna eventually port all of them, like Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Joker and Bats to name a few. Could take some time though.

Thanks to all for commenting. :slight_smile:

And I bet none of you noticed the “Why so serious?” poster in the background? Hmmmmm?

awesome screenshot

Very cool.

Her trigger finger is clipping though.

And you have some aliasing issues on her left(Stage right) elbow, and same thing on her corset next to that same elbow.

Aliasing is probably due to me sharpening the pic to bring Harley more into focus.
And if you look verry closely, her finger isn’t actually clipping it, but it does look like it at first glace.

ah, I see it now. My mistake.

Hey no probs dude, I appreciate your criticism. Allows me to try and improve them for future stuff.

Are they in a Castlevania train station? (Lol bad Belmont joke)
Very nice picture Urban and I like the insertion of the logo.