Harley's Dancers On A String



[sp]Yeah i know there’s no strings, They messed up in the save. So i didn’t edit them in because they’d be terrible[/sp]

Somewhat better than the Floyd stuff

I think it’s good idea.

I read the title as Harley dances on a pole…
I am disappointed.

Wait, Shit. Did i actually post this? I meant to post it 3 days from now, Fuck i must have been so tired and out of it that i just went ahead and posted it. Ah well.

Now this is an Improvement man Im liking this. Keep it up.

Sorry to bump this but. Inbetween injecting coffee directly into my optic nerves and randomly screaming at passing children i came across this image:

Hilariously, I didn’t know of the existence of this image before i made the pose, And now i regret not trying to make it look more like it, Since there are catwoman and Ivy ragdolls for GMod.