HarmonyScript/PubGamer Script

Click here to download!

It’s a TacoScript modification based on ShhScript and modified by Waffler with several functions from TacoScript 2 etc. Enjoy! :smiley:

Great another modded TacoScript leak.

Great, another guy with great grammar!

it’s been taken down, re-upload.

Atleast I don’t roleplay in Garrysmod to make myself feel important.

that’s not what GModRP RP is about :saddowns:

holy fuck awwent.


i don’t rly care cuz im fixing ts2 up anyway

and this piece of shit is laggy and broken as fuck

good luck fixing it.

ye i no
its laggy
i removed it cuz some guy told me to
and i love that guy

Gaybow :v:

That’s so funny…