Harpoon Gun Edit Help !

Okay so i have the harpoon gun and it works perfectly but when i shoot the harpoons the ACTUAL harpoon that comes out and sticks to walls or npcs doesn’t last longer than a couple seconds, it disappears really fast… is there any way i can increase the time that the harpoon stays on the map?

Look in the gun somewhere for remove() or something, and you should see a timer as well.

nope there isnt anything like that… weird… cause before i posted i spent a lot of time looking at the coding trying to find something but there isnt. any other suggestions?

any one got any ideas?

Can you post the code/give me the link to the addon?

heres link :

and code:

I believe what you are looking for is the line:

bar:Fire(“kill”, “”, 5)

Basically, it’s firing the “kill” input to the bar, with a delay of 5 (seconds?)
Therefore, change the 5 to something higher, and voila.

Or just remove that line, and they won’t go away at all.

wow thanks Chris that worked… -___- i have been trying to find that forever THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH :smiley:

i didn’t want to download the swep just to look at the code, i was 90% sure THAT was the line of code too :\

No problem, glad to help :slight_smile: