Harpoons? A roofcamper's worst nightmare?

I’ve played rust for so long, and man I am tired of roof campers (I bet you are too!).
I’ve always thought of the idea of shooting the coward, and killing him.
Then while his dead body lies on his roof with all of his gear, I could whip out a harpoon, stick him with it, and rip him off his roof proceeding to loot him.
I’ve seen the concept art board and saw some drawings of a harpoon gun ‘thingy’ on there, but I doubt they would ever implement it.
Any suggestions/feedback?

Actually this idea is so fucked up that it would perfectly fit into rust.
I like the Idea, Make it an new raidtool + an counter for roofcampers.

The problem I’m seeing with this is if your going to have a harpoon gun pull a dead corpse to you it would be abused. I truly love the thinking and the idea but if they are going to have something that does that it’s going to also have to pull you up to roofs making it now a raid tool to get on players roofs. Not only that but it will be a way for injured players to avoid being killed. If they take shots the harpoon would pull them to safety. I love the idea and concept but I feel the exacution is going to be poor.

Won’t happen. Ragdolls don’t exist on server.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to be used as a raid tool, but I personally think we need more ways to raid. The harpoon wouldn’t pull the raider to the roof/window, but when shot/launched on someone’s roof/window, it leaves a rope to climb up, not grapple the user. While climbing they are vulnerable, and if the owner of such base gets to the harpoon before the raider climbs to the top, he could unhook it leading the raider to a potential long fall. I also think you would have to have extreme skill to use such a tool, because you would have to lob it into the corpse (think of the rocket launcher mechanics), and reloads would take a VERY long time.