Harrier Jump Jet

A friend of mine requested this a bit back, it’s exactly what the title suggests it is, a flyable Harrier jet :biggrin:

It has a first person cockpit view and a third person view, I’d recommend only flying in the first person view though, as third person is a little twitchy.

R = Starts the engine

G = Toggle landing gear

Mouse = Direction control

Space = Hover up

CTRL = Hover down

W,S = Slow forward/back

A,D = Tilt Left/Right

Shift = Forward thrust AKA flight mode

V = Change view

Mouse1 = Fire cannon

Mouse2 = Fire missles


Lifecell - For the “Air Vehicles Base Code”

Whoever made the original Harrier model.

Me - For coding the Harrier and editing the model(s).

Pictures in the download link.

I requested something similar on another SEnt, but this could use it too. Could you make a version without the built in weapons that outputs a wire value of 1 for the primary/secondary attacks? And maybe outputs the aim vector, but that’s secondary.

I can’t get it to lift off, it only seems to shoot, and the missiles don’t even work.

Is this AirVehicles system the same as the AVehicles base that came with the Huey? Because I wanted to make sure before I put in possibly conflicting addons.

Would be better if it wasn’t packed to the brim with lua files. This would make any average server crash on a few joins…

Me to

same here

Hit R to start the engine, also missiles do not work because I forgot to add them to the download. I’ll re-upload when I can be bothered.

Might want to pack this into a few lua files, instead of like 50.

It’s as simple as this, you either use it in it’s current state, or don’t. I don’t care either way, all I know is I’m not messing with it anymore, I just uploaded it on the off chance that someone might find use of it.

That is cool so


its so slow


cant u make it faster

Well, I haven’t downloaded it yet. But I have looked at the controls. Have you?

Ontopic: Looks nice, now to see how it will play…

Can I get a video.

I see you released it eh? Cool shiz. :slight_smile:

Videos of me flying it from a while back, gives you a basic idea of what it can do.

By the way, the wing trails I added just for effect.


oops know i kno