Harry Mason Being Chased Down by Raw Shock's (Silent Hill)

Beat Shattered Memories today so i thought I’d make this




Music did add some atmosphere. Picture could use more creepy surroundings. And I don’t get the impression he is really scared. More concerned.

Where did you get those models?

The Raw Shocks are just clots from Killing Floor i shopped and Harry is a skin of Nick i made

Holy shit, the song makes it disturbing.


Awesome man awesome.


Very creepy. However, he does have an expression that says “oh no… Theres this demon zombie… and stuff. I guess I should run now”.

Spoooooky, but where are Harry’s pupils?

Intellectual Superiority. I have Intellectual Superiority.

Scary. Those Clots actually looked like Raw Shocks! I thought that you ripped them from Shattered Memories lol.

The eye posing is a bit too far.

Man, those faceless head are scary.

I don’t think he’ll find his daughter.

That is some seriously disturbing music my man…
The eyes seem a little wonkey…

Pretty kewl, but whats a ‘Raw Shock’? I take it their in the new game?

warping around his head is all too evident, head is much too tiny too.

can you release the skin of nick?

He has very big head, but very small hair.
Looks wierd but I feel sad for what’s to come for him.