Harry Potter House Point System

But why?
Lately I’ve noticed several “Harry Potter” DarkRP servers popping up and and it seems like I see a badly written job on Scriptfodder every other week for this, so I decided to make it and release it publicly.

What does it do?
This addon adds a functioning house point system like the one in the Harry Potter series of movies and novels.

How does it work, and how do I configure it?
Depending on how it is configured, certain classes will be able to use the chat command “/pointsmenu” or have the a weapon(“points stick”) which can be used to add/subtract points from the house of their choice.
For Configuration, there are five lines that should be changed:

hpconfig.allowed = {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MAYOR} -- What teams can open the menu?
hpconfig.gryffindor = {TEAM_CITIZEN} -- gryffindor team
hpconfig.hufflepuff	= {TEAM_CITIZEN} -- hufflepuff team
hpconfig.ravenclaw = {TEAM_MEDIC} -- ravenclaw team
hpconfig.slytherin = {TEAM_MAYOR} -- slytherin team

To see the menu the player has to hold H
Theses lines are located at: darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_modules/hp_hud/sv_hud.lua
Changing the team configs to correspond to the correct teams is very important because they are used by the points stick.


**Download** Download/Git: https://github.com/VoxelBlack/HarryPotterHousePointSystem

If you see anything wrong or encounter any bugs, please let me know! I am still learning GLua!

That’s a shitty rip-off of this

Looks nice :slight_smile: Love the addition of the weapon to add points. Not bad for a free release :slight_smile: Good work

So is anything similar just a “rip-off”:quotes: now? Also, I don’t see that for download anywhere.

Help me, I installed the addon I do not have the texture of the faculties, the menu does not open /pointsmenu and no points are awarded

when search sorting hat?

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