Harvard Molehusband's Holiday (interactive)

** What in the world is this? **
What does it look like? It’s an interactive comic for God’s sake! After my first interactive, London Calling (remember?) I decided to embark on a much more creative route for my new comic. Instead of “I’ve woken up and I have short term memory loss!” I have made the story about a person who doesn’t want revenge, love, or even a Golden Wrench, but just a holiday. For added realism it’s in first person.

** So how does it work? **
Again, you should know this by now, reader! I will post a comic of 3-5 panels, and you must post your responses. Some of them will be multiple choice or yes-and-no whilst others shall have no distinct answers.

** Isn’t this a tried and tested formula that’s a bit rubbish? **
Well, Harvard Molehusband’s Holiday is a multiple choice adventure with a host of new and creative characters, settings, and plot devices, an original premise, and-

** Hrm-hm! You said something about a comic! **
Oh, right. img_thumb’d for convenience.

Only my second comic, so there may be mistakes…but enjoy anyway!

Not to sure about the layout and the red in the background. I generally find when making a comic layout that minimilastic styles work the best, and that less is more. And black text against a dark grey background makes the writing a little hard to read.

Also, Germany. Get tanked and tear shit up.