Harvest Moon Gamemode Idea

If any of you can remember back to the old days of SNES you may remember a little farm simulator game called harvest moon which has been pretty much remade 30x for every console since then.

For those of you that don’t know it it was a simplified farming simulator where you could; buy seeds, plant them, grow food, sell food, buy more expensive plants, raise livestock and pretty much anything else you can think of doing on a farm.

The idea is to remake as much of this as possible for Gmod well adding in the ability for other people to have separate farms or maybe work together on one farm.

So basically a farming RP based off of a very successful and addicting formula.

Sadly my skills only allow me to map and do some modeling (which I haven’t done in over a year)

If anyone likes the idea and would like to contribute (modelers, lua coders, mappers, texture artists) send me a pm.

This project can’t go anywhere without and Lua coders though so if there are any out there looking for a project pick here :wink:

Tell me what you guys think and if you have anything to add

I like the idea.
But yeah you need serious coders to do it,That makes me a sad panda.

We’re working on this type of project for GMod Tower. It’s not really going to be an RP though. It’ll be a competition between three different farms to see who can improve their farm the most in a set time limit.

The idea is definitely possible, but like you said it requires a lot of models and custom entities.

Have you by chance seen the harvest map in Obsidian Conflict?

I love the idea, i used to be adicted to the one on the game cube :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds good, i like harvest games

I’ve started working on the harvest moon map. Not much right now just a basic house and i just started on the barn.

I think someone made a single player game like this in the first gamemode contest. I don’t recall it being that much fun, but hey, a multiplayer version would be awesome.


Aaaah!!! Not… the… carve… tool… Please use Vertex manipulator.

XD i use both

Ah there is no point in other people trying to do it as they would just get flamed because it has GMOD Tower written on it.