Has a proper melee/swordplay mod ever been made?

I’ve been looking around and I haven’t been able to find anything beyond sweps that act as a crowbar with a different model. Are there any known mods that have proper sword fighting and melee mechanics?

It’d probably be pretty difficult to do, but probably possible. Afaik there are no mods that do it.

Melee weapons are more different and difficult to code then guns.

Yeah. It was called CC 7 Swords and was in closed beta, being developed Magenta. Don’t know what happend. Was shut down out of the blue.

Update: It’s being worked on again under the name CCSSR (CC Seven Swords Redux)

I once coded a melee swep base that worked quite nicely, left click would swing and hit everything in an arc in front of you and right click was a forward lunge that would skewer a single target, I don’t have the code on hand right now unfortunately but its actually not that hard to code stuff like that as long as you have good viewmodels that have the animations you need.

Thanks to RobotBoy, Seven Swords is now fucked. Good job, RobotBoy !

I’m not trying to say M9K is a brilliant weapon pack, but I believe their melee weapons are slightly different than the simple crowbar with a different model. You could try to look at their melee base?

Pretty sure 420 did something in their hunger games gamemode.

Meh, I had the M9K weapon packs and the weapons are basically the same thing as the crowbar. The only difference between the default melee system and M9Ks is the addition of a block and small animation changes.

I think it be cool to have it where if you press your mouse 1 button and swing with your mouse, you can hit stuff differently. It would also make a cool way of doing blocking.

Although not a gamemode in GMOD Age of Chivalry is probably what you’re looking for. It’s an HL2 mod that focuses on medieval warfare with a lot of melee action. Here’s a video below:

I don’t know how popular the game is anymore but I’d definitely give it a shot. If you want to try something outside of the source engine, I’d definitely look at the Mount and Blade series.

What happened, who and how? :< It looked incredibly fun and the two weeks I had of fun, playing on Synergy maps with all the badass Dark and Water powers. Then…the server was gone for some reason, and the gamemode was gone from the internet. What happened?

just check the guy you’re hitting and run some checks to see if he’s blocking with right click, not hard

Age of Chivalry’s combat was poo compared to Pirates Vikings and Knights though.

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I mean seriously they had the four directional attacks based on what direction you were moving and everything, I still can’t understand why AoC was more popular.