Has anybody else noticed the...

…lack of ability to look up with the toolgun?
Not so much it stops you, but the crosshair dissapears. It’s not my gmod as I reinstalled and tried it to the same effect, it also happens if you crouch.

This is also apparent with any custom weapon (Including the SLAMs and the Stunstick) unless another crosshair is specified like in the Halo weapons. I was just wondering if the ‘default’ crosshair could be changed to redirect to the HL2 crosshair. They look similar, so no big worries there, but the HL2 crosshair doesn’t have that annoying glitch.

Install a custom crosshair mod.

if you crouch and look up with the toolgun it just disappears, I have no freaking clue why either.

yes! that really is annoying! Cant this be fixed?

oooh cliffhanger title how nifty

It happened when Garry updated the crosshair to match the player’s world model.
It’s pretty annoying.

it doesn’t dissappear, I watched it and it just flies everywhere. you can see it in the corner of the screen sometimes. it’s annoying!

Yeah. This should be fixed.